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Company Profile

Shenzhen, one side has created a magical fertile soil, and has achieved a lot of reputation. The local enterprise in the forest of the world, Shenzhen Borch Dental Technology Co., Ltd., was conceived and grown on this hot land.

Shenzhen Bochuang Dental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech company integrating R&D, production and sales of denture products. It adopts a complete set of imported equipment and materials, introduces the latest domestic and foreign dental restoration technology and the international advanced 5S management model. .

Seeking character by quality, charm by strength, and progress by innovation, Borch Dental, always adhering to the value concept of integrity, hard work and innovation, has won wide praise from the industry at home and abroad, and won the trust of many doctors and patients across the country.

More than 30 varieties in nine series, like the rhythmic notes on the stave, deducing the harmonious movement of Borch Dental Advocating a beautiful and healthy life. Shenzhen Borch Dental has become a leader in denture technical services in China.

 "Boundaries are bounded by the vast ocean, and people are the peaks of high mountains". The development of an enterprise depends on a professional and efficient team. "Discovering talents, cultivating talents and respecting talents" is the cornerstone of Borch's people-oriented culture. Talents are Borch's most valuable wealth. Borch provides a stage for talents to display their talents. Borch is the home for dental elites to pursue their dreams. .

Bringing together many elites in the industry, with the "three high" qualities of high technology, high knowledge and high wisdom, we have created a first-class "Bochuang Dental Research and Development Platform", and formed a scientific and perfect "Bochuang Dental Research and Development Platform" with computerized management and operation under a magnifying glass. "Bochuang Industrial Chain", to provide customers with reliable quality assurance, so that Bochuang products always come out on top in the fierce market competition.

Service is an important part of Borch's culture. The business philosophy of "customer first, service first, quality perfect", good reputation foundation, stable, truth-seeking and innovative entrepreneurial spirit, to provide our customers with fast, thoughtful and comprehensive after-sales service, Shenzhen Borch Dental Co., Ltd. Professional denture products and dental technology providers, but also excellent service providers!

Learn from others' strengths and aim high;

Innovative technology, creating magic——

Shenzhen Borch Dental is outstanding because of its creation, surpassed by innovation, and surpassed by culture.

The Borch brand will surely stand on the forefront in the tide of China's denture plastic industry!