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Precious metal sleeve crown
  • Precious metal sleeve crown
Precious metal sleeve crown

Advantages: good denture function, high chewing efficiency, effectively protect the health of remaining teeth, reduce alveolar bone resorption, can restore low bite, can perform bite reconstruction, and can play a periodontal splint effect for patients with periodontal disease on abutment teeth.


1. Most teeth are missing, and a few remaining teeth are repaired for dentition defects.

2. The need for occlusal reconstruction

3. Periodontal disease and periodontal disease with dentition defect restoration

4. Repair of congenital dentition defects (such as cleft lip and palate)

5. Cases with large undercut of abutment and no common seating path.


1. Untreated periodontal disease: For patients with untreated periodontitis, if the telescopic crown is repaired, the gingival recession and the exposed tooth root after the periodontal disease treatment will affect the aesthetic effect after the restoration.

2. Elongation and sloping living pulp teeth without root canal treatment: Due to the large amount of preparation of the abutment teeth with telescopic crowns, if root canal treatment is not performed on living pulp teeth, it is easy to damage the pulp tissue and cause nerve irritation after restoration. pain.

3. Untreated caries.

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