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Pure titanium implant
  • Pure titanium implant
Pure titanium implant

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots (that is, implants) implanted in the patient's jawbone, and the jawbone and implants are used as support and retention. They are mainly divided into two series: open window and closed window. Materials that can be used: common metal; cobalt Chromium alloys; pure titanium; precious and semi-precious metals; zirconium dioxide.


Good retention, firmer and more secure than traditional dentures.

Compared with traditional dentures, the chewing efficiency is greatly improved, which is exactly like real teeth.

The denture base is small, and the fully fixed implant even has no base, so it is beautiful and comfortable, without foreign body sensation, and has little impact on development.


1. Patients with missing one tooth or multiple missing teeth or completely edentulous

2. The alveolus of the mandibular full mouth is severely absorbed, it is difficult to wear traditional full mouth dentures, the function is not good, and the retention is poor

3. Those with poor retention of traditional movable dentures and intolerable non-functional mucosa

4. Those who have special requirements for the beauty and function of dentures

5. There is a problem with the remaining teeth around the missing teeth, and those who cannot do traditional dentures


1. Patients with systemic diseases, such as heart disease, blood disease, diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, metabolic disorder, etc., should not perform or endure surgical trauma.

2. Patients with lesions of the jaw, such as jaw cyst, osteomyelitis, paranasal sinusitis, etc.

3. Patients with severe malocclusion, tight occlusion, night bruxism, partial chewing and other bad occlusal habits may fail due to unbalanced occlusion or excessive jaw force, which may cause trauma to the bone tissue around the implant.

4. For patients who have lost teeth due to periodontal disease, the implant alveolar bone may continue to absorb, resulting in implant exposure, loosening or even falling off.

5. The patient has problems with the bone quality and remaining bone quantity of the jaw.

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